Friday, June 17, 2011

hairstyle #7 and a new toy (thrift store find!)

Here is yesterday's hairstyle

I know pigtails are boring but I think they are cute so I decided to throw them in my 10 for 10.

Yesterday, I wanted to try to hit up some garage sales but it was pouring for most of the morning.  So the kids and I hit up some thrift stores instead.  One of the stores was having a 1/2 off clothing sale and I was able to get a few shirts for myself and some cute dresses for my daughter.  (I will blog about those in a later post!)  We also found this toy:

It is an educational clock that is suppose to teach the kids how to tell time.  The kids can move the hands around and it will tell them the time or it can quiz them to see if they can move the hands in the correct position for a certain time.  I thought it was a fun toy.  My kids love it, even though it is a little old for them right now.  I think this was $2 well spent!

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