Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hairstyle #2 and a wedding

Sorry I didnt' blog yesterday about my hairstyle.  I didn't actually do my hair until right before a wedding we went to and we didn't get home until after midnight. 

So my hair turned out super wavy from hairstyle #1, after I took it out, so I really wanted to work with that.  For this hairstyle, all I had to do was pin up the sides with bobby pins and I was good to go!  The good thing about this hairstyle is it lasted me all night.  Many times when I end up curling my hair with a curling iron, it is flat by the end of the evening.  Not this hairstyle. 

Wedding hairstyle from the front

Another shot from the front

Wedding hairstyle from the back

The wedding reception was at Coach Insignia which is a restaurant in Downtown Detroit on the 72nd floor of the Renaissance Center.  The view was absolutely AMAZING and I got some awesome pictures of Downtown Detroit.  The reception was held on both floors of the restaurant.  This reception was a little different because the bride was Russian and the Groom was Polish and they both incorporated customs from each of their heritage (some of them I didn't understand!).  They had a Polish band that played lots of Polish music, and a few Russian songs!  I really liked the Polish music, it was so much fun!   Unfortunately, they didn't play a single traditional polka.  I really wanted to dance to one! (I am about 50% Polish and 50% German, fyi)  Overall, it was a beautiful reception and we had a good time. 

I will post hairstyle #3 later tonight!

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