Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Egg hunts

Last weekend (Palm Sunday), Alyssa's school had an Easter Egg hunt.  The kids really enjoyed it.

Getting ready for the hunt

Off they go!

They were really excited to get a picture with the Easter Bunny!

 After the hunt, they also wanted a picture with Da-Da and the flowers.

The day before Easter we went to another Egg hunt at one of our good friend's church.  The kids enjoyed that one as well!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Frumps to Pumps Challenge Day 3

Day 3 motivotional discussed getting dressed so you can act differently.  I personally make different decisions during the day depending on how I am dressed.  If I'm in sweats, then I am definitely not going out but going to be staying in and doing housework and things with the kids.  If I am dressed, then I am more willing to get out of the house and run errands, or go somewhere fun with the kids.  I know that clothing really shouldn't decide how I am going to spend my day, but it does.  I used to be the type of person that was ready to go once I woke up at 6 am.  I was that girl that would schedule as many 8 am classes as I could because I was a morning person.  I would show up to my 8 am classes after having showered, eaten breakfast and gotten fully dressed.  Many of my other classmates were still half asleep and in their PJ's.  So what happened?  Why do I currently not jump out of bed ready to tackle my day??  Kids and taking care of my house and family is what happened.  Many times, I am working around the house until 9 or 10 pm and crawl into bed at 11 pm or later, and then up at 7 am and my day repeats its self.  Who wants to jump out of bed in the morning just to do more housework?? The challenge for Day 3 is to figure out what is the biggest hurdle in getting dressed in the morning.  For a long time, the first thing I would do in the morning was take a shower.  Once I had babies, I got up when they got up and did not have anytime to myself, let alone time to take a shower.  To tackle this hurdle,  I am going to try a new morning routine.

6:30 - out of bed and exercise
6:45 - shower, get dressed make-up
7 am - Babies awake!

I know this isn't a big schedule change but I think it will help me feel better about myself and help me to start my day right.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Frumps to Pumps Challenge Day 2

Day 2 of the Frumps to Pumps Challenge was about "Knowing your Why".  Why do I want to get dressed everyday instead of just staying in my pj's or comfy sweats??  I have a few reasons for wanting to do this challenge:

1.  To feel better about myself - when I get dressed, I feel more self-confident.  When I take those extra 10 minutes in the morning to put on some makeup, it makes me feel special.

2. To more productive - The mornings I haven't showered and wear my sweats all day, are the days I am the least productive.  All I want to do is sit around and take care of the kids.  Taking care of the kids is a job in its self, but I should want to do more with my time and my life.  I also don't want to leave the house when I don't get dressed.  Who wants other people to see them in sweats?  Some people might not care but I do.

3.  To show my family I care about myself and them - Right now I don't put a lot of effort into looking nice.  I dress up for church and that's about it.  Most other times I am in jeans and t-shirts and no make-up.  I was never a girl that really got dressed up or wore a lot of make-up but I did put a little more effort into it before I had kids.  Usually my husband doesn't care about what I am wearing but doesn't he still deserve a wife that looks nice and cares about herself?  How about my daughter?  What kind of example am I setting for her?  Do I really want her to dress the same way when she gets older??  I really need to set a good example for my daughter so that she knows it's ok to look nice all the time and not only when we are going out.  Shouldn't I wear my best clothes for the people I love, not random strangers?

4.  To not have to run upstairs to throw on real clothes when the doorbell rings unexpectedly - This reason is silly but it is a valid reason none the less.


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Frumps to Pumps Challenge Day 1

So far I am three days into the Frumps to Pumps Challenge and really enjoying it.  Sarah Mae does a great job with the motivotional (motivation + devotional) and relating them to what mothers are actually going through and feeling.  I also love that she gives the reader bible verses to back up what she is saying.

I love that she starts Day 1 with stating who we are.  Many times, I compare myself to other blogging mommies and feel like I never match up to any of them.  Sarah Mae reminds us that God made us each individually with our own set of strengths and weaknesses.  One of my favorite quotes is :

Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.  ~Albert Einstein

Now I know this quote is talking about intelligence, but I think that the same thing can also be related to other areas of our being.  If I compare myself to a mommy blogger that has super sewing skills and can whip up her kids clothing in a few hours, I will just feel bad that I don't have that skill and beat myself up over it.  That's not what God wants us to do.  He wants us to remember that we are his children, each with unique qualities and abilities that he hand-picked for each of us.  God designed us as individuals and wants us to allow him to mold us to become better people.  I think the world would be completely boring if everyone were exactly the same.  I love Sarah Mae's ending quote "Frumps or pumps, He loves you just the same."  I just need to remember that anytime I feel down or beat myself up over something stupid.  In this motivotional, we were challenged to pick a time to be dressed by Mon. through Friday.  My goal is 9 am.  Ideally, I would prefer for it to be earlier but right now, I think 9 is very doable. 


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