Sunday, June 12, 2011

hairstyle #3 and Our Anniversary!!

Today's hairstyle was kind of an after thought.  I actually had planned a different hairstyle for today but decided to go with this one at the last minute because I wanted something a little more fancy for church. 

Cute from the front

a mess in the back!!
I am actually kind of embarrassed to show this hairstyle today.  It turned out horribly and I ended up taking it out after church.  The bobby pins are showing and sticking out everywhere.  It doesn't really look anything like I wanted it to or it was suppose to.  We were running a little late so I only had about 10 minutes to try this out.  Maybe with some practice it will look as cute as it's suppose to.

The tutorial can be found here (and what it was suppose to look like!)  I only did the first part of the style that the girl in the video did, not the bun part. 

Today is also my six year anniversary with my husband.  To celebrate, we had a special anniversary lunch from Famous Dave's.  We both love BBQ but don't eat it that often.  We were able to sneak in our special "date" when the kids were taking their naps.  Here are some pictures from our special day six years ago:

Me and my girls

Len and the boys

us at the reception

Our cake

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