Monday, August 1, 2011


For the past few weeks I have been stalking a blog called Yardsale Mommy.  The blog talks about finding items (mostly toys and kid stuff) at garage sales for a great price and then selling them on Ebay.  I love the concept!  I personally love shopping at garage sales and thrift stores but I am very conservative and don't usually buy much.  Many times I will go shopping and think "Wow!  That's a great deal!" But then not get the item because I don't have anyone in particular to buy it for.  This weekend I decided to check out a Condo sub sale and buy items mostly to resell on Ebay.  I think I did ok.  Here are my finds:

$3 bumbo type seat

This purchase was based on my inner dork.  I couldn't pass up this Anatomy Apron for 50 cents.  You put it on and it has all the body parts that are stuck on with velcro.  If nothing else, my kids can enjoy it and learn about their inner body.

This was a scary purchase.  I have read on Yardsale Mommy that Thomas stuff does really well but I really wasn't sure.  I got both of these sets for $25.  I still need to work on negotiating.  Any tips?  I think I will wait to list these sets a little closer to Christmas.

$1 baby playmat
 I actually bought this just for Malachi.  He loves cars and things like this.  He has already played with it for a few hours. 

Wasn't sure about this but for $1, I couldn't pass it up.  It looked neat and was leap frog brand.  Alyssa has already played with it for awhile.  

Costumes sell great around Halloween.  This is a Princess Fiona dress from Shrek 3.  It looks like it was only worn once, if at all.  The sleeves come off but it still had the plastic things on to keep them from being pulled off and lost in the store.  

Size Small - $2 Princess Fiona Dress

When I bought this rocket I thought it was the Pat Pat one that YSM always talks about.  I did some research and it wasn't .  The sellers didn't have any other pieces with it so hopefully I can either find more pieces at another sale or just sell it as is. 

I am kind of scared to sell on Ebay since this will be my first time.  I am sure I will make beginner mistakes and I have to get over that if I want to do this.  I have also been decluttering my house and finding things I might be able to sell.  These will give me practice without spending money.  I would love to hear any thoughts/tips!

I am linking up to Yardsale Mommy!  Check out her blog, it's awesome!


  1. That Thomas duplo set was a great find, it recently sold for $51 on eBay. Good luck!

  2. Hi Danielle,
    I am also new at selling toys on ebay, and I find myself taking chances on alot of toys that I am not familiar with. But Thomas the Train I don't think you can ever go wrong :) I arrived at a GS on saturday - and found a little bo and his Dad purchasing a huge Thomas lot and all I could think abour was how much I would have been able to sell that lot for.
    Anyway best of luck on your finds,

  3. The thomas stuff should do well closer to christmas. I have found with ebay that I win some, loose some.

    When I want to bargain, I say, I've only got X amount left, can you do that? again, win some, loose some.

  4. I totally would have bought that anatomy apron too! And I think you will do well the the Thomas stuff esp because it's still in the box! Good luck! :)

  5. You're yardsale mommy link doesn't work, FIY. You have it going to and i think it's supposed to be I just figure if you're joining her linky that it would benefit her if it was right =)

    Love the concept of re-sale! I've done it just a little, but think about it a lot! I've done it mostly with books...lots of text books actually. I'll have to check out her blog for garage sale ideas! Thanks for sharing and pointing me her way!

  6. Thanks for all the comments! I appreciate them! Amy - thanks for letting me know about the links, I fixed them. Yes, you are correct, the is no 'the' in the link.