Thursday, August 18, 2011

Garage sale and thrift store finds Post #2

So here is the rest of my haul from another day of thrift store shopping last week. 

Two of the Salvation Armys that are close by my house carry an awesome selection of kids books.  And for 5 for $1, can't beat the price. 

I pretty much picked up an entire collection of Magic Tree house books in one trip.

I remember reading Arch books as a child and remember liking them.  I want to start a collection for my own children. 

Lots of Golden Books!
More Golden Books!

There are about 20 or so of these books in the entire series and I would like to collect all of them.  I think I am off to a good start. 

These are a few American girl books that I found.  I actually haven't found too many American Girl Books.  I used to love American girls, they were my favorite.  I remember getting the catalog in the mail and picking out all the things that I wanted.  Unfortunately, I never actually got anything, but a girl can wish, right?? I would love to start a collection for my daughter so she can read them when she gets a little older.   It's funny that I found these two because Addy was just coming out when I was getting too old for the series and Josefina was not around at all. 

Beanie babies I picked up for a quarter each.

A lovie I picked up for a quarter
Barney movies 4 for $1

I actually hate Barney but I guess they do well on Ebay.  I will let my kids watch them each through once (to make sure they work) and then they will be sold. 

Wow!  I found a lot of stuff.  Excited to start my Ebay adventures!

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  1. I also pick up the arch books whenever I find them. They are a great simple tool for teaching a bible story.