Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Garage sale and thrift store finds Post #1

Wow!  I have really missed blogging!  I didn't realize how much I really enjoyed it!  Unfortunately, my computer is still not fixed but I was able to find a way to get some pics uploaded from our other computer so I could blog.  I have hit up a few garage sales and been to a few different thrift stores in the last two weeks.  This post will be the first (of two posts) of my finds for the last two weeks. 

Friday., Aug. 5th, I was on my way to the library to drop off some books.  I saw a garage sale and decided to stop.  There wasn't much but I did find this guy:

He's in good condition but didn't come with the cracker and remote control.  I paid $10 for him.

On Sat, I decided to stop at a thrift store that I am not able to get to very often.  Hubby had the kids for the afternoon and I was in the area.  Below are my finds:

I found this huge comforter bag filled with misc stuff.  I am actually not sure what is all in it, but I do know that there are lots of Polly pockets (a few boys!) and some ponies.  This entire bag was only $2. 

All the movies were 4 for $1 so I picked up two sets of these three movies (Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, Santa is coming to town).  I know these are classics and I will sell these on Ebay closer to Christmas. 

I also picked up these movies which I will sell closer to Christmas. 

Malachi needed some new shoes so I picked up a few pairs.  The pair on the left is his size right now and the Nike's on the right are the next size up.  I wasn't sure weither to pick up shoes with shoelaces instead of velcro, so we will see how that works.  I paid $2.50 each pair.

I also picked up a few dresses.

These dresses were $1 each during the 5 for $5 sale at Salvation Army.  They are very pretty dresses and would make nice Christmas/Holiday dresses.  Not really sure why most Christmas dresses are sleeveless.  It gets cold here in MI!

I also picked up this dress.  It is more of a costume.  It was $2.50. 

Hope you enjoyed my finds!  I really want to start taking pictures and listing some stuff soon on Ebay.  Still kind of scared about listing, but excited that I received my scale in the mail today!  Stay tuned tomorrow for Post #2 of my finds!

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  1. Great finds!! You are going to do great on ebay! I was leery before I started, too....I'm warning you though its addicting:) Good luck!

  2. christmas dresses are sleeveless and store bought halloween costumes are made of thin fabric... Not everybody realizes that it's gets cold up north!