Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adventures at Domino's Petting Farm

A week ago, the babies and I met up with my sis-in-law Kelly in Ann Arbor.  One of my to-do's on our summer bucket list was to go to Domino's Petting Farm and we all decided that that would be a fun thing to do.  I had heard it was a good petting farm and that it was great for young children.  You can find more information about the farm and it's history here.  The kids really seemed to enjoy the farm and seeing all the animals.  Domino's is a not-for-profit (which I didn't know), so they run basically off donations and the admission fees.  The actual property is very large.  About half of it is office buildings and scattered around the office buildings are big, open pens with different animals, mainly sheep, cows and goats.  So as we are driving down the long road to get to the farm, we saw a few different kinds of animals and the kids made sure to point them out.  It was kind of neat so see animals scattered in a fenced in pasture next to a huge parking lot or office building. 

Domino's Petting Farm!

Aunt Kelly and the babies looking at some Pot Belly Pigs!


Alyssa and Kelly with a chicken

Moooooooo!  Malachi really wanted to see a cow!  He kept saying "Moo"
from the parking lot to the entrance of the farm.
Farmer Malachi

Waiting for the hayride to start

Aunt Kelly and Malachi looking for cows during the hayride

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