Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday and a Baby Shower

This past weekend two pretty cool things happened on Sat.  The first one was that I turned 28.  I feel so old!  This is much closer to 30 than it is 20.  Where did the last 8 years go??  I still feel pretty young, that's a good thing right?!?!  For my birthday, I went out for dinner with my sis and daughter to Red Robin.  We had what Alyssa called "a girls night".  She was happy to be out with us and got a purple balloon.  I also let her share half of my sundae.  Earlier in the day, my husband took the kids to McDonald's to play and eat because I was planning/getting ready for the second cool thing of the day, my friend Kate's baby shower.   I was told this story when they got home.  Somehow it came up when Alyssa was in the play place that it was my birthday.  I guess it was another girl's birthday that was playing also.  She and Alyssa got into an arguement about who's birthday it really was.  Boo on arguing but Way to Go Alyssa for sticking up for me!

The shower went pretty well.  We had about 12 people show up and they got some pretty fun gifts!

Bath Salt favors that I made:

Top view
Side view

The saying on the card said "We shower the Baby with gifts, it's true! But this shower gift is just for you".  I personally thought it was really cute and fitting for the bath salts. 

More pictures from the party!

The Cake
Kate and the gifts
Party Time!

Sorry that the pics are kind of in a weird placement and that the pic of the cake is on its side.  I am still trying to figure out blogger and it wasn't doing what I wanted it to do tonight.  Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Hey! I really like you blog. You have to turn your picture before you upload it into blogger. I usually open my pics with Picasa (free google owned program). I'll fix any red eyes or whatever, turn the pic, save it, and then upload it. Then, I've just always been able to drag the picture around in my post until it's where I want it. Hope that helps a bit. I'm not an expert on this stuff either =)

  2. http://www.craftpassion.com/2010/03/recycle-tutorial-braided-rag-rug.html :) i am going ot try this :) yay!

  3. Thanks Amy! I might try that. Usually I just upload them from the card reader. Anytime I have done that they uploaded the right way and I never turned them before. Amanda, that is such a cool project. She has some other cool projects also (yarn out of t-shirt material! How cool is that?!?)