Thursday, March 3, 2011

Babies, Walmart and a "date night"

So tonight, my cousin Stephanie took Alyssa on a girls night and "my man" and I were able to get a little one-on-one time.  It's nice to spend some time alone with him because usually Alyssa is fighting for all the attention.  Here is a few pics of him being cute at dinner. 

Today I also went to Walmart for the last time (at least for awhile!).  I am so sick of waiting in long lines (in the middle of the day!) and being treated horribly by the employees.  I had to wait 15 min. to check out and when I did check out, the only thing that the cashier said to me was the total amount.  Never have I had a cashier not at least ask how I was doing or see if I was able to find everything I was looking for.  To make matters worse, she was the customer service supervisor.  I used to really enjoy going to this Walmart but not anymore.  In the last few months, it's really gone down hill.  On the upside, I did score a few cute clothes for Alyssa for the summer for $1 a piece. 

This month our Netflix subscription also started again.  I forgot to change the reactivation date.  Opps!  No big deal because Leonard told me he was thinking about starting it again.  I watched one of the instant plays since the CW website wasn't working.  So sad I couldn't catch up on Vampire Diaries.  :-(   I watched the movie Babies.  I saw a review back like a year ago when it first came out.  The movie is a documentary and it follows 4 babies in different countries through the first year of life.  It shows the differences between children that are raised in Africa, Mongolia, US, and Japan.  I have only watched half of the movie but I have basically came to these conclusions:

     1.  All of the men are not significantly involved in the child rearing process
     2.  Women in the US and Mongolia tend to be a little older
     3.  All babies, no matter where they are from, are very curious
     4.  Sibling riveraly occurs everywhere

 I realize that all parents are slightly different in their parenting styles and that this is just a sample.  Though I thought they did a good job picking the US mother.  Her behavior was pretty typical and not too extreme.  I am guessing that is the same for the other mothers?  I was also suprised at how similar US and Japanese parenting styles seem to be.  If you have seen this movie, I would love to hear any comments! 

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