Thursday, December 15, 2011

Part of day 4 - Epcot!!

After naps and dinner at the condo on Monday (Dec. 5th), we headed to Epcot for the evening.  Epcot, in general, is very educational and many of the rides are for older children.  Even so, there were a few rides/shows that my kids really liked. 

The first was the Nemo and Friends Ride.  This ride is only about 5 minutes long and we went on it twice (during two different evenings).  There was absolutely no wait both times that we rode.  During the ride, you sit in a giant clam and travel around "the sea" with Nemo and his friends.  There are songs and dialog throughout.  Someone (not me!) posted a video of the ride on youtube so you can check out more about the ride. 

Meme, Alyssa and Malachi outside the ride

In the same building is an amazing aquarium (which we visited on a different night) and a show called "Turtle Talk with Crush".  Crush is the sea turtle in "Finding Nemo".  Originally, I thought this show was going to be pretty lame but it actually wasn't too bad.  It lasted about 15 minutes and during the show, Crush is on the screen, which looks like the sea, and the audience is interacting with him.  The kids could ask him questions and he responded.  Disney also tried to make it somewhat educational so you may learn a thing or two if you go to this show. 

There were a few more rides suited for young children but they closed early. 

Another awesome thing at Epcot is the character spot.  This is where my children got to meet Micky, Pluto, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, all in one place.

Meeting Hotdog aka Micky Mouse

Alyssa was done at this point

In Epcot, you can visit 11 different "countries".  All of them have shops and restaurants with items and food from that country.  The workers that work within the "country" are originally from that country so that it feels pretty authentic.  I would have loved to spend more time in this area of the park but there is not much for young children.  The main reason that we actually went to this area of the park is because you can find some of the Disney princesses.  Alyssa loves Princess Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty" and she was going to be in France.  She was so excited to finally meet her!  She even let Aurora give her a kiss!

Alyssa and her kiss from Princess Aurora!
We also went to see Snow White in Germany but she was leaving when we got there.  If you want to see a character in the parks, make sure that you do it at the time they are scheduled to be there.  You can get a schedule at the front of the parks with the maps.  The princesses (and other characters) only stick around for about a half hour.  Some other princesses that we didn't see but might be found at Epcot are Belle (France) and Jasmine (Morocco).  Mulan can be found in China.

Epcot also had many different fountains throughout the park.  Malachi loved this!

Papa and Malachi

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