Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 5 of our trip - Magic Kingdom!!! Part 1

Cinderella's castle

On Tuesday, we went to the Magic Kingdom.  This was the park that the kids were looking forward to the most. 

The first thing we did was wait in line to see some princesses.  The kids got to meet Princess Aurora again and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I actually think Malachi enjoyed the princesses just as much as Alyssa did.  They thought he was cute and called him a prince.

Belle is my favorite!

There are also parades down main street and a show at the castle.  I highly suggest the show at the castle, especially for young children.  I didn't take any pictures but it was really good and it's only about 20 minutes long.  I did get pictures of the two different parades.  If you can only make it to one of the parades, I suggest the later parade.  It is a little longer but you see tons of Disney characters and this may be the only time you might see some of them. 

Parade #1 - earlier in the day

Parade #2 - 3 o'clock

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