Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two year anniversary

Two years ago today, my mother died from Pancreatic cancer.  She left behind children that she would never see graduate from college.  Children that she would never see get married.  Grandchildren that she would never be able to meet.  I am sad that she is missing out on these wonderful events that are taking place in her children's lives.  That is why we need to find a way to stop this horrible disease, so other lives are not affected in the same way that mine has been. 

Stats about Pancreatic Cancer:

* For all stages combined, the 1-year relative survival rate is 25%, and the 5-year survival is estimated as less than 5% to 6%.
* For local disease, the 5-year survival is approximately 20%.
* For locally advanced and for metastatic disease, which collectively represent over 80% to 85-90% of individuals, the median survival is about 10 and 6 months, respectively. Without active treatment, metastatic pancreatic cancer has a median survival of 3–5months; complete remission is rare.
*In 2010, an estimated 43,000 people in the US were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and almost 37,000 died from the disease
*Pancreatic cancer has one of the highest fatality rates of all cancers, and is the fourth-highest cancer killer among both men and women worldwide. Although it accounts for only 2.5% of new cases, pancreatic cancer is responsible for 6% of cancer deaths each year.

This past Sunday, we got the opportunity to walk at the Detroit Zoo in honor of my mother.  Our team "Mak Attack" raised almost $800.  This money will be used for Pancreatic Cancer research. 
Beginning of the walk

Aunt Ellen, Cousin Steph, Aunt Sandy and Aunt Sue (my mom's sisters)

Me and my sister Jessica

Cousin Stephanie and Malachi

Aunt Ellen, Stephanie and my hubby


My brother Chris and brother Ryan

The cutest animal at the Zoo - Red Panda

Team Mak Attack

RIP Mommy!  We miss you and love you, and know you are in a better place.

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