Thursday, October 6, 2011

School Stuff: A is the Letter of the week

So this school year, I have a few learning goals for Alyssa.  Yes, she is in Preschool twice a week for a few hours, but I still want to make sure that I am teaching her stuff at home.  She really enjoys playing "school" which makes my job a little easier.  One of my goals is for her to be able to write out the entire alphabet (lower and upper case).  Even if it's not perfect, she will have an idea of what to do when they actually start writing in school.  So every week we are going to be focusing on a letter and have some activities that go along with that letter.  These posts will be a week behind cause I want to show pictures of what we get done.  We are starting at the beginning so last weeks letter was A

We used this worksheet to practice writing the letter A:

On Monday, I let her color in the letter A and the apple with crayons.  I had her trace all the uppercase A's with her finger.  We then used a crayon to trace the dashed A's.  We did the same thing with the lowercase a's.

The rest of the week, I used a clean copy of the same worksheet in a page protector.  She traced the letters with a dry erase marker.  Overall, I was impressed.  She did a pretty good job, seeing as this is the first time that she has ever really practiced writing or tracing lines, and she really seemed to enjoy it. 

Snacks that start with A
  -Mon - Apples
  -Tues - Almonds
  -Wed - Avocado (just a few slices to taste - Malachi liked, Alyssa did not)
  -Thur - Applesauce
  -Fri - Apricots

Books we read that focus on the letter A:
  -Aimee's A Book by J.L. Mazzeo
  -It's A! by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann
  -Alexander Anteater's Amazing Act by Barbara deRubertis

Other Alphabet books we read:
  -A, You're Adorable by Buddy Kaye, Fred Wise, and Sidney Lippman
  -Alligators All Around by Maurice Sendak

Season/holiday that starts with A that we learned about:  Autumn
  -Read Little Red's Autumn Adventure by Sarah Ferguson
  -Craft: tissue paper tree

One of our projects was to look in a magazine and find pictures of things that started with A.  I then had her cut them out and glue them on a piece of paper.  Here is our A magazine project:

Angel Soft toilet paper, Apron, tag with Annette, Advantage
doggie medicine, letter A, Asparagus

Hope you enjoyed our Preschool adventures!

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