Friday, October 14, 2011

School Stuff: B is the letter of the week

We used this worksheet to practice writing the letter B:

I totally forgot to take pics of her worksheets! Sorry!

For more details on what I did for these worksheets, check out this post here

Snacks that start with B
  -Mon - Black licorice
  -Tues - Banana Bread
  -Wed - Bugels
  -Thur - Blueberries
  -Fri - Bologna and cheese

Books we read that focus on the letter B: 
  -Bebe's B Book by J. L. Mazzeo
  -It's B! by Katherine Hengel
  -The Berenstains' B Book

Other Alphabet books we read:
  -Babar's ABC by Laurent de Brunhoff
  -B is for Bookworm by Anita C. Prieto

I couldn't come up with a popular holiday that we celebrate in the U.S. that starts with B so we just continued with our Autumn theme. We read:
  - It's Fall! by Linda Glaser
  - What Happens in Fall? by Sara L. Latta

One of our projects was to look in a magazine and find pictures of things that started with B.  I then had her cut them out and glue them on a piece of paper.  Here is our B magazine project:

Boys, Band-aids, Ball, Broccoli, Bear, Bathing Suit, Baby

We also did some bowling on our deck in the backyard.  I set up 10 2 liter pop bottles and let the kids knock them down with a soccer ball.  Here are some pictures from that activity: 

Hope you enjoyed our Preschool adventures!

P.S.  I just checked out my library account and I have 45 books checked out!  I don't think that I have ever had that many checked out at once.  I am surprised they keep letting me check out more books!

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