Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween activities list

Hey guys!  Sorry I haven't been showing the blog any love lately.  :-(   We haven't been doing anything too exciting around here and it's been quite the adjustment getting used to our new Preschool schedule, for both me and the kids!  I guess I didn't realize how big of an adjustment to our schedule it was going to be.  Since it is almost October (where did September go!?!?!?), I thought I would share a list of Halloween ideas with you.  I stole the list from this blog here.

Here’s a great list of Halloween ideas and activities to do OR to make in counting down to Halloween. A fun thing every day all month long. (I’ve included this list with links to help you understand some of them better.)
01. Visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard (for those of us in Northern States).
02. Decorate pumpkins without carving them (fun for early October)
03. Carve pumpkins
04. Make pumpkin pancakes with black cinnamon syrup for breakfast
05. Tell ghost stories with a flash light
06. Host a Halloween party
07. Make candy corn rice krispie treats
08. Decorate for Halloween inside and out
09. Make a new Halloween decoration
10. Have a Halloween muffin tin lunch
11. Decorate spooky graham cracker candy houses
12. Make Halloween cookies
13. “BOO” one of your neighbors with a Halloween treat – “You’ve been boo-ed!”
14.  Halloween sidewalk chalk
15.  Make hotdog mummies for a Halloween dinner
16.  Host a witches brew
17.  Make spider ice cubes
18. Watch Wizard of Oz (or go see WICKED the musical) for the BEST. WITCH. EVER.
19. Make caramel apples
20. Have spider web soup for dinner (with grilled cheese sandwiches, of course. :) )
21. Download and color a Halloween picture – best coloring gets a prize
22. Have pumpkin ice cream sandwiches for dessert
23. Paint something in glow in the dark paint
24. Take pictures in your Halloween costume before the big night
25. Watch your favorite Halloween special (maybe – Charlie Brown or Casper?)
26. Make spider cider
27. Print and frame your own spooky photos of yourself
28. Go threw old magazines and make a Halloween Inspiration board
29. Have a game of Pumpkin Bowling
30. Play a game of pop goes the pumpkin
31. TRICK or TREAT!! – wahoo!

I personally am going to be doing 4, 6, 9, 15, 22, and 31.  I will probably even do a few more!  What fun activites will you be doing for Halloween??


  1. Nice list! I'm totally bummed about missing out on apple cider and apple picking, but I just saw an ad for a pumpkin farm here! Yay! Since we live in an apt, I'm not sure what trick-or-treating will look like, but I'm excited to go out with the kids!

  2. I hope you still have fun, whatever you do!