Friday, September 16, 2011

31 Things flower clip copycat and a *Giveaway*

Remember Monday how I showed you this picture?


Well last Friday I went to (and co-hosted) a 31 Things Party.  It was at my sis-in-laws house and we donated the proceeds to the Pancreatic Cancer walk that we are participating in on Oct 9th.  If you have never been to 31 Things party, I suggest checking it out if you are ever invited.  They have many different cute bags for just about everything in really cute designs.  They are a little pricey (for me anyway!) but are really good quality.  31 Things also has other items besides bags, but that's what they tend to focus on.  My mother-in-law was also there and bought a few things.  She saw a clip that went with the bags that she wanted.  She handed it to me and said "You can buy this for me for Christmas".  I saw the price was $6 and told her that I could make one for her (and for a lot cheaper!). 

Their version of the clip

My version of the clip

These two clips took me about 1 hour total to make and cost about .50 cents each.

-hot glue gun and glue sticks
-grosgrain ribbon
-piece of black felt
-piece of coordinating fabric - I used a fat quarter from Joann's but you could probably use any type of fabric
-alligator clips - you could also use a headband or other types of clips
-different sized circular items

Step 1
Gather your supplies and find different sizes of circular items that are relatively close in size that you will be able to trace.  You will need 7 different sizes for the circles.  I went through about 15 different items before I was able to come up with my 7.  I also used a piece of paper to make a "mock flower" to make sure that the circles were going to work. 

These are the 7 items that I used from largest to smallest, and my "mock flower".  Super random items, I know!

Step 2
Trace the circles onto the felt and the fabric.  I used a white colored pencil to trace the circles on the black felt and a regular pencil to trace the circles onto the fabric (I traced the circles on the backside of the fabric.  It's hard to see the circles if you trace on the printed side.  For the felt, both sides are the same so it doesn't matter).  You will need 4 felt circles and 3 fabric circles.  Start the felt circles with the biggest item and then trace every other item.  Start the fabric circles with the second biggest item and then every other item.  (example: for my felt circles I traced the tuna can, the glass with the little, purple flowers, the spice container cap and the blue vitamin bottle cap onto the black felt. For my fabric circles, I traced the larger, clear glass, the cooking spray can and the chili powder.)

Fabric circles

Felt Circles

Step 3
Cut out all the circles with your scissors. 

All the circles cut out!

 Step 4
Cut fringes on the edge of each felt circle and fabric circle.  I just took little snips all around the edge and tried to evenly space them apart. 

Step 5
Using the glue gun, line your alligator clip with the grosgrain ribbon.  You can find a tutorial here.

Alligator clips lined
Step 6
Using your hot glue gun, glue the flower layers onto each other, one circle at a time.  I started with the big circle and put glue in the middle, away from the fringe.  I worked my way through each circle until I got to the smallest.  Press them all together for a few seconds to make sure they are stuck together and your glue held.  Other types of glue may work if you don't own a glue gun.

All the circles together!

Step 7
Place hot glue on the alligator clip and place the clip on the back of the flower. 

Step 8
Let the flowers dry for a few hours or overnight.  Clip to a bag or in your hair.  Give it to a friend or keep it for yourself. 

I will be giving away one of these cute flowers to one lucky winner.  To enter, leave a comment below with where you would wear one of these clips (ie. in your hair, on your bag...) and if you would keep it for yourself or give it to someone else.  You can get an extra entry by becoming a follower of my blog.  If you currently follow, leave a comment saying that you already follow so I know who of my current followers wants to be entered into the drawing.  I will pick one lucky winner next Friday, Sept. 23, 2011.  You have until Midnight EST on Friday to enter. 

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