Thursday, June 28, 2012

Amanda's wedding

This past Saturday was Amanda's wedding.  She is my friend and past roommate from college at MSU!  Her wedding was the whole reason that we were heading down to Kentucky.  Both Alyssa and Malachi stood up and did a great job!  Warning:  Lots of Pictures!

Pre-wedding snack

My little ham!

Sweet little boy!

Getting some energy out before the wedding

Da-da and the boy

Doing their jobs

Beautiful bride and her father

Wedding snack

Silly #1

Silly #2

kids and beautiful bride

family picture

about 5 minutes after we left the reception

It was a good wedding and the kids were so tired from our trip they pretty much slept almost half the way home (6.5 hour trip!)


  1. Cute, cute pics! The kids look adorable in their finery :)
    Did you see Danielle is having another swap? I'm thinking about joining...

  2. thanks for sharing your whole family with us for the big day :) We loved having you there, and it was great to see you (albeit briefly) and really appreciate you coming all the way :)