Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Creation Museum Part 2

The second level (lower level) of the Creation Museum had many different displays that portrayed different scenes from the bible.   

Peter and John peering into the empty tomb

Adam in Garden of Eden

Dinosaur in Garden of Eden

After the fall of man:

Some dinosaurs became carnivores

Adam, Cain and Abel working the land 

Building the Ark

Some skeptics of the Ark

Noah and a son

A model of the Ark

What the Ark could have looked like inside

Another view of what the Ark might have looked like inside

There were many more scenes, displays and descriptions that I didn't get pictures of.  The kids liked this area of the museum much more than the first level.  There was also a dinosaur area that Malachi really enjoyed.  

Overall, the museum was very informative for adults and older children that can read.  Younger children can look at the displays but might not understand what's going on unless an older person explains it.  We also went to a few shows that they had going on and the kids seemed to enjoy those (even though Malachi got scared during one of them).  I definitely would like to go back again but not until the kids are older and can read.  

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