Saturday, April 30, 2011


Yesterday was the British Royal wedding and a young woman became a princess because she married a prince...just like in the Disney movies.  My daughter Alyssa, loves princesses.  This started around the time she turned two.  She loves all the Disney princesses, especially Sleeping Beauty.  She pretends she's Sleeping Beauty cause she thinks she looks like her (blond hair and blue eyes).  I am the Belle princess because I have brown hair and brown eyes.  Lately, all Alyssa wants to do is wear dresses.  I only figured out why a few weeks ago.  Because duh, all the princesses in the Disney movies wear dresses and never pants.  Everyday she asks if she can wear a pretty dress.  If I don't dress her in a dress (one that she likes) she will find one and put it on.  Yesterday, the news was plastered with scenes from the royal wedding.  Alyssa's eyes got really big when I told her that this girl was going to be a princess because she was marrying a prince.

Princess Catherine and her Prince

The beautiful dress

My Princess

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