Friday, April 22, 2011

Measles on Good Friday

April 11th Malachi went to the doctor for his 15 month well visit.  During this time he received 5 shots because he was a little behind.  Yesterday (April 21st), I started to notice lots of little red bumps all over his chest, back, neck and face.  They were really light so I wasn't sure what they were.  The bumps kind of looked like chicken poxes.  I decided to call the doctor's office so I could talk to a nurse to see what she thought.  The nurse told me to bring him in because she couldn't diagnose it over the phone.  During the 15 month well visit, Malachi also was put on antibiotics because he had ear infections in both ears and the nurse said that the rash might be a reaction to the antibiotics.  I took him to the office and the doctor said it definitely was not chicken pox.  Her best guess was that the rash was a reaction to the MMR vaccine and that he had a mild case of measles.  And yes, he could possibly be contagious, especially around the immuniocompromised (people with weakened immune systems).  This morning when I got him out of bed, I noticed it was much worse.  Poor baby!  Luckily he doesn't have a fever and is acting completely normal.  The bumps don't seem to itch or really bother him, they just look bad. 

Eating breakfast
 A couple of body shots taken while getting dressed this morning:

The one below was taken this evening before bed.  His face got considerably worse during the day.


  1. poor guys. At least his immune system will be stronger after this!

  2. poor baby! .... he's a fighter, though :) go, malachi! :)