Friday, August 17, 2012

at the county fair.....

This past Monday, I took the kids to our county fair.  The fair is at the north end of the county and we are at the south end, so it took us about 45 minutes to get there.  We met up with my sister, since she also loves the fair.  I used to know so many people when I would go to the fair but since I have been out of 4-H for *Ten* years, I don't know as many people.  We still had lots of fun and the kids loved all the animals.

Petting a cow with Aunt Jessica

More Cows!


In one of the tents, there was an educational exhibit for young children that was put on by the local metropark.  My kids loved this exhibit and I think it was their favorite part of the fair.  This exhibit allowed the kids to collect eggs, pick apples, pull up carrots and milk a "cow".

Collecting eggs

Good times are always had at the county fair!

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