Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day stuff #2

I know that Valentine's Day is past but I wanted to share another thing that we did for Valentine's Day this year.  In the weeks prior to VDay, the kids and I headed to Target to pick up a few items and found these cute little mailboxes in the dollar section.  Some of the blogs that I follow were talking about how they decorated these mailboxes and put notes and treats in them for the kids.  I thought that would be a fun idea for my kids, since they are starting to grasp the idea of holidays.  Alyssa picked a pink one, Malachi a blue, I got a red and Leonard got white.  A few days later, I glued VDay scrapbook paper (also from the Target dollar section) on to the boxes.  When the paper was dry, I let the kids glue on gems to decorate there boxes.  We put the boxes on the mantel so they could be filled with treats.  This is how they turned out:

Mine and Leonard's

Malachi's and Alyssa's

All of them on the mantle

To fill the cans, I used these printouts from a link I found on Pinterest.  In the link, there were enough ideas for the first 14 days of Feb.  I skipped some of the days, so we only had about 9 days of goodies in our mailboxes.  Leonard had to open his mailbox first because he had the card with the "clue".  The kids loved this mailbox idea and couldn't wait until Dada got home so they could open their boxes!

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